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Events and lectures

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Upcoming - Indiana University Bloomington, Online

Indiana University Bloomington

Professor Curtis J. Bonk has invited us to speak to his students about learning environments. We are excited to present our explorations to his class at the Indiana University Bloomington this fall.

16-18 November, 2022 - Berlin, Germany

7th FUTURE Workplaces Summit

We are one of the keynote speakers at the 7th FUTURE Workplaces Summit. The summit will focus on emerging trends in modern office design, digital workplace, space utilization, sustainable design, health and wellbeing and best strategies for creating inspiring, multi-functional spaces for all.

03 November, 2022 - Online

Let’s Talk Architecture, Podcast, DAC

We had the pleasure to be a part of Let’s Talk Architecture podcast organised by the Danish Architecture Center. The podcast introduces you to the creative and innovative minds behind the future of our buildings and cities. 

29 September, 2022 - Cologne, Germany

SCHULBAU, Cologne 2022

Are you attending SCHULBAU 2022 in Cologne? On Thursday, our R&D architect Klaudio Muca will be one of the keynote speakers at the fair, where he will unfold the hidden ways architecture affects us.

22 September, 2022 - Aalborg, Denmark

Utzon Talk Livestream

We are honored to be part of the Utzon Talk series. At the event, we will speak about senses in architecture and the relationship between space, people and behaviour.

14-16 September, 2022 - Amsterdam, Netherlands

7th Innovative Learning Spaces Summit, Amsterdam

CEBRA’s R&D architect, Klaudio Muca, will be this year´s co-chair of the 7th Innovative Learning Spaces Summit in Amsterdam. Klaudio will join principals, deans, architects, facility managers and other industry professionals from across the globe to discuss international models of innovative learning space design. 

June, 2022 - NEUROARQ Academy, Online

NEUROARQ Academy, Brazil

We are one of the international faculty members of the Brazilian Academy of Neuroscience and Architecture. We will be lecturing at the advanced module: Post-Occupancy Evaluation. 

16 May, 2022 - Mantua, Italy

Politecnico di Milano, MANTOVARCHITETTURA

We had the pleasure to be back at Politecnico di Milano and talk about how CEBRA uses insights from neuroscience and cognitive psychology to design educational environments that develop transferable skills.

22 April, 2022 - urbanNext podcasts

urbanNext, Spaces for Learning and Working

In this session, Klaudio talks about how his work in the R&D team informs design proposals and why studying working and learning behaviors is key to improve our physical environment.

06 April, 2022 - Frankfurt, Germany

SCHULBAU Frankfurt, 2022

Are you attending SCHULBAU 2022 in Frankfurt? On Thursday, our R&D architect Klaudio Muca will be one of the keynote speakers at the fair, where he will unfold some of the insights from The WISE Journal.

15 March, 2022 - Live podcast

MindShare Learning Technology, Canada

This Week in Canadian EdTech MindShareTv with Klaudio Muca, R&D Architect. New interactive mixed-media WISE journal exploring the dynamic relationship between architecture, and human activities in learning & work environments.

10 March, 2022 - Aalborg, Denmark

Future Workplace session, AskCody

We were a guest speaker at AskCody's company event, Team Days. During the course of 90 minutes, we showcased future workplace trends and inspired the audience with insights on the psychological impact of architecture. 

29 September, 2021 - Aarhus, Denmark

Business Academy Aarhus, Inspiration Day

How we use brain research, data & tech to innovate in value creation with customers? We were part of a network & inspiration event for the furniture and interior design industry organized by Business Academy Aarhus. 

1 June 2021 - AIT-Dialog, Online

AIT-Dialog, Changeable spaces – learning places

Research through design - design through research. We gave an online presentation on how CEBRA designs learning environments for all the senses. 

14 April, 2021 - Oregon State University, Online

Oregon State University, DSGN 388 Hospitality 

Associate Professor Marilyn Read invited us for an online presentation to her interior design students at Oregon State University. 

September 2020 - Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture, Online

ANFA 2020, Sensing Spaces, Perceiving Place

We had the priviledge of presenting at the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture. Common Sense: Investigating the behavioral and cognitive impact of architectural qualities in educational and work environments.

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