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The WISE Journal is a constant and more informed investigation into the relationship between architecture, humans, and human activities. 

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Ben Nelson
Founder, Minerva University

Education institutions should remember that their ultimate customer is not the students - nor their parents - but society at large. The WISE Journal beautifully demonstrates the intricate impact that education has on space, skills and society.


Susan Magsamen 
Executive Director, International Arts + Mind Lab

The WISE Journal brings into conversation the many diverse disciplines involved in the design of intentional spaces. This cross-pollination of research, theory, insights and practice is essential to advancing architecture for wellbeing and lifelong learning.


Howard Gardner 
Harvard Graduate School of Education

The WISE Journal has identified a set of important topics whose relationship to one another can benefit from appropriate examples and thoughtful reflections.
"It is indeed WISE to have a journal that celebrates a thoughtful architectural approach to human needs!"
Raymond Richard Neutra | President, Neutra Institute for Survival Through Design
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